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Of Andalusian origin, Pascale Monvoisin breaks the codes of classic jewelry to offer jewelry with small irregularities that allow them to become unique pieces. Gold then becomes the sole common thread of each collection.

A discreet and passionate designer

Secretive and very solitary in her life, Pascale Monvoisin was not at all destined to become a jewelry designer. Passionate about travel and new discoveries, she became a purser on long haul flights in an airline for more than fifteen years. However, this young woman has always had a small passion for design and teaches herself the creation of jewelry. Alongside her work, she already imagines jewelry, made of string and leather. She then takes advantage of her creations to express herself. Her companion, seeing that her little creations work, pushes her to create her own brand in 2009.

One meeting is enough

To create her first collections, Pascale Monvoisin was inspired by a few short trips. Thanks to her trip to the United States, the designer thinks of creating jewelry in 9 carats, unknown in France for the moment. This allows women to have quality jewelry at a more affordable price. But the trip that marked him the most was undoubtedly the one to Jaipur. The young designer had a wonderful encounter with an Indian who introduced her to the value of stones. It was with him that she was able to create her first Turquoise stone ring (which became her favorite stone). She now chooses on her own the stones she uses for each of the pieces she creates. Between tourmaline, turquoise, labradorite, diamonds and moonstones, jewels accumulate with lots of subtlety and femininity.

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