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Lany Ear Cuff

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Gold-plated ear jewel with rhinestone lines and a small rhinestone flower.

Features :
  • Materials: 3 micron gold plated
  • Stones: White Zircons
  • Opening of about 1 cm
The little +:

This rhinestone ear cuff is perfect for non-pierced ears!

The gold plated ear cuff with rhinestone lines and a small rhinestone flower is an elegant and sparkling accessory that adds a touch of glamor to your appearance. This ear cuff is crafted with a high quality gold plated base, providing a shiny and durable finish.

Delicately encrusted lines of rhinestones add a shimmering glow to the entire piece of jewelry, catching the light and catching the eye. The arrangement of rhinestones creates a modern and sophisticated appearance, highlighting the beauty of your ear.

At the top of the jewel, a small rhinestone flower brings a delicate and feminine touch. The sparkling flower adds an extra dimension to the design, creating an interesting visual contrast to the rhinestone lines.

This ear cuff is easy to wear and fasten thanks to its secure fastening system. It can be worn alone for a subtle and elegant look, or paired with other ear jewelry for a bold and personalized composition.

Whether for a special occasion, a glamorous evening or simply to add a touch of luxury to your daily outfit, the gold plated ear cuff with rhinestone lines and a small rhinestone flower is a perfect choice. It complements your style with grace and draws attention to your natural beauty.