Collier Médiator Argent Vieilli - Sing A Song
Collier Médiator Argent Vieilli - Sing A Song

Sing A Song

Antique Silver Pick Necklace

Sale price$83.00

The Aged Silver Pick Necklace for men is a Sing A Song essential! Attached to a 51 cm long chain. The hammering of the pick and the inscription “Music” makes this necklace a unique piece of jewelry.

Features :
  • Material: Antique Silver
  • Made in France
  • Length: 51cm
  •  1.5cm x 1.5cm

*Unless otherwise noted, all SING A SONG jewelry is made from real guitar strings or bass strings.

Maintenance tips :
  • Some people prefer to take full advantage of it without removing it until the end, making them live the worst experiences and therefore agreeing to renew it.
  • Others have taken the option of keeping it longer by protecting it from sea water, swimming pool water, perfume, cosmetics and cleaning products which attack the material.
  • It is essential to soap your jewelry after each swim in the sea. The patina tends to lighten over time, the speed with which it disappears depends on your choice of use.