A Verbena Eau De Parfum 100ml
 Eau De Parfum "Une Verveine" 100ml
 Eau De Parfum "Une Verveine" 100ml


A Verbena Eau De Parfum 100ml

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Eau de parfum 100ml Verbena scent

Features :
  • Capacity: 100ml
  • Scent: Verbena
  • Top notes: Verbena essence from France, Bergamot essence from Italy, Lemon essence from Italy, Artemisia essence from France
  • Heart notes: Balkan Juniper Berry Essence, Madagascar Ginger Essence, Indian Cardamom Essence
  • Background basis: Vetiver essence from Haiti, Habanolide (clean white musk)
  • Composition : Alcohol Denat, Perfume, Water, D-Limonene, Linalool, Geraniol, Citral, Citronellol
  • Made in France
  • Vegan and eco-responsible
The little +:

An aromatic and lemony charm.

This verbena overflows with joy with sparkling notes but it is also deep and very vegetal. It does not display gender, its lemony notes at the top are due to this effect of chlorophyll foliage. Galbanum and blackcurrant leaf accord reinforce its freshness, coaxed with heliotrope. Surprisingly, the trace of eucalyptus leaves makes this verbena invigorating with a hint of ginger. Therapeutic we tell you! A comforting perfume like a toddy, a little crazy as Obvious likes them, A fluorescent green Verbena that brings up to date a jewel of nature with beautiful simplicity.

Here are our fragrant suggestions for pairing with Une Verveine:

A Verbena + A Wood = The wood makes the verbena opulent, boosts its citrus side and reveals these lime facets
A Verbena + An Orange Blossom = A combination reminiscent of a classic but very honeyed Cologne
A Verbena + A Musk = A fresh musky fragrance, where verbena reveals its ginger and milky facets.