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Poster Loïc Prigent "My favorite music is to hear you breathe."

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Poster Loïc Prigent Poster Loïc Prigent
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Loïc Prigent poster My favorite music is hearing you breathe.

Features :
  • Material: 250g Arches Vellum Paper

  • Equipped with its thick pass everywhere

  • Dimensions: 56 x 76 cm

  • 100% French product
The little extra:

Loïc Prigent is a journalist, documentary filmmaker and producer. He has directed numerous documentaries on fashion for television, such as Signé Chanel, Le Jour D'avant, Le testament d'Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfeld se sketche, Les Dessins d'Yves Saint Laurent, Les Dessins de Christian Dior...

He writes for Vogue Paris, and is at the helm of the show “52 minutes de mode” on TMC. In 2016, "I love fashion but that's all I hate" was published by Grasset, the first collection of hilarious nuggets and dialogues that he heard in Parisian fashion shows and which he broadcasts daily on his accounts. Twitter and Instagram. The second part “Pass me the Champagne, I have a cat in my throat” still by Grasset and released in November 2019.

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