Perfume water "Ayurvedic - Amber Vanilla Patchouli" 100ml
 Eau de Parfum "Ayurvédique - Ambre Vanille Patchouli" 100ml

La Sultane De Saba

Perfume water "Ayurvedic - Amber Vanilla Patchouli" 100ml

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Eau De Parfum "Ayurvedic - Amber Vanilla Patchouli" 100ml - La Sultane de Saba


Philtre of character with a mystery, which is first desired and then spellbinding, the perfume "Amber Vanilla Patchouli" has the power to create in everyone what is buried, most secret, emotion. It is worn like a second skin in all lightness. Its mesmerizing wake is unsettling of absolute femininity. On the skin, it becomes suave like a thrill of sensuality. Its history comes from the ancestral East, a timeless story linked to the emotion of a precious moment, to the seduction that mixes with passion.

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