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Discover exclusively, at Blush Concept Store and Blush General Store, the collaboration between Polaroid and the Keith Haring Foundation.

Keith Haring, the famous socially engaged artist, honored by Polaroid

Polaroid recently unveiled its collaboration with the Keith Haring Foundation. Indeed, the brand has decided to pay homage to the striking style of the pop art designer. It offers a range of special edition products to showcase the life, art and spirit of the artist.

An exclusive Polaroid, looking like the Michelangelo of the New York subway

Follow in the footsteps of Keith Haring, who photographed his art himself and on Polaroid film during the height of his career. Opt for the Polaroid Now i‑Type Instant Camera , with its sleek design, and awaken the artist in you. Take inspiration from Haring's legacy and create your own works where you want, when you want. This Polaroid will allow you to obtain a sharp image quality thanks to its autofocus, but also to detach the subjects from the foreground thanks to its flash. It is ideal for creating your memories of holidays, important events or even simple evenings with friends. Make it a daily accessory, which will allow you to capture the most symbolic moments of your life.

Haring's most iconic designs embraced by Polaroid i-Type instant film

The Polaroid films , usually white, take on the colors of the artistic works of Keith Haring. Use them and create your own rules inspired by the American artist, to rebel art. The 8 films, contained in the refill box , have different designs among 12 unique models. Films are designed for i-Type cameras. For Polaroid users, don't panic! The films are also compatible with other devices, such as the classic Polaroid Now, OneStep 2, OneStep+, but also with the Lab photo printer.

Now is the time to bring your Polaroid and capture moments that will be marked for life, on your films that develop in just 15 minutes.