Bougie Parfumée "Concentration Créative" Lapis
 Bougie Parfumée "Concentration Créative" Lapis

Life On Venus

Box 9 Candles "Pierres De Vie"

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Box 9 Candles Box 9 Candles Box 9 Candles Box 9 Candles Box 9 Candles

Set of nine 100% natural scented candles decorated with semi-precious stones.

The virtues of the semi-precious stones that adorn these candles spread in your room thanks to their warmth.

Bioenergetic lithography is the therapeutic application of the virtues of natural stones on our energy system, especially chakras.

The 9 semi-precious and scented stones are:

- Jaspe Rouge/ Senteur Olivewood: provides an energy balance to ink and realize its projects.

- Cornaline/Cinnamon Senteur: Allows you to reconcile with your body smoothly.

- Tiger Eye/Figue Sensor: Lets be in action and perseverance

- Aventurine Verte/ Senteur Fleur de Tiare: Lets center yourself in your heart, sweet joy and confidence in life

- Quartz Rose/ Cotton Sensor: Brings calm and simplicity of the heart, soothes fears

- Agate Moss/ Orange Blossom Sensor: Connects to Nature through the heart

- Blue Calcedoine/Cherry Blossom: Allows the necessary recoil for gentle and respectful communication

- Sodalite/ Cedar Sensor: Helps calm your mind, balance your emotions

- Amethyst/ Mandarin Tea Sensor: Enlightens us with its peaceful light. It helps to reassure our mind and to feel joyful and light.