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Marten & Oopjen Snow Globe

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"Marten & Oopjen" Golden Glitter Snow Globe

The "Marten & Oopjen" snow globe is embellished with gold glitter, creating a shimmering and enchanting effect.

Features :
  • Material: Plastic, mineral oil
  • golden sequins
  • Dimensions: 8 x Ø 8.5 cm
We love:

The "Marten & Oopjen" snow globe is a true miniature work of art that captivates the eye with its refined design and touch of magic. Inside this snow globe you'll find a beautiful winter wonderland featuring the iconic characters from "Marten & Oopjen". The golden sequins float delicately in the water, creating a shimmering, fairytale effect when you shake the ball.

Every detail is carefully thought out, from the finesse of the characters to the subtle patterns that adorn the base of the ball. The golden sequins add a touch of glamor and sparkle to the set, catching the light and creating a warm and festive atmosphere.

This snow globe is much more than a simple decorative object, it transports your imagination to an enchanting universe. It evokes joyful memories and invites you to daydream, making the eyes of young and old alike shine.

Placed on a shelf, table or windowsill, this snow globe immediately attracts attention and creates a festive and magical atmosphere in your interior. It is also an ideal gift for your loved ones, symbolizing the spirit of Christmas and the magic of the holidays.

In summary, the "Marten & Oopjen" snow globe with its golden sequins is a real decorative gem that will amaze decoration enthusiasts and lovers of the enchanted world of "Marten & Oopjen". Be transported to a world of magic and memories with this unique and captivating snow globe.