Livre Arabian Leopard Classic - Assouline
Livre Arabian Leopard Classic - Assouline
Livre Arabian Leopard Classic - Assouline
Livre Arabian Leopard Classic - Assouline
Livre Arabian Leopard Classic - Assouline
Livre Arabian Leopard Classic - Assouline


Book Arabian Leopard Classic

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Assouline's book Arabian Leopard was written by Andrew Spalton. 30 years of experience in the field of the conservation of fauna and flora, and more particularly of the Arabian leopards.

Features :
  • Silk hardcover
  • Dimensions: 24.5 x 33 x 3.3cm
  • Weight: 2kg
  • 184 pages
  • 100 pictures
  • Written in English
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A celebration of a magnificent creature: the Arabian leopard (Panthera pardus nimr). This subspecies has distinct characteristics that are the result of thousands of years of evolution that make it perfectly adapted to the deserts and mountains of Arabia. An essay by wildlife conservationist Andrew Spalton traces the animal's journey from Africa to Arabia over half a million years and highlights its history and current status as a critically endangered species. Imagery of the Arabian leopard, a symbol of strength, freedom and fearlessness, has been found in rock art, mosaics and paintings over the centuries, cementing its position as a revered and respected animal in Arabia. Saudi Arabia and around the world.
The Royal Commission for AlUla has focused on wildlife conservation to protect this subspecies by establishing the Arabian Leopard Fund. Key to these efforts is raising awareness of these magnificent felines, in order to galvanize local and international support for their protection. To that end, two editions of the books are available - one classic and one ultimate - featuring original artwork and photography that captures the enduring spirit of the Arabian leopard.

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Assouline, fondée en 1994 par Martine et Prosper Assouline, est une maison d'édition de luxe qui marie art, design et culture. Réputée pour ses livres objets illustrés, elle célèbre le style et l'art de vivre à travers des ouvrages sur la mode, le voyage, la gastronomie et plus encore. L'univers d'Assouline se traduit par une esthétique raffinée et un engagement envers la qualité, invitant les lecteurs à explorer un monde de luxe et d’inspiration. La gamme Travel permet de rassembler de superbes photos d’une destination en racontant son histoire. En plus d’être de véritables livres, ils sont des objets de décoration a part entière.