Identify :
Born between March 21 and February 19
Fire sign
Red color
Stone: Tiger's Eye
Aries is known for its stubbornness and impatience. He is extremely impulsive and often lets his impulses dictate his actions. This can be both a strength and a weakness. On the one hand, it pushes you to be ambitious, to constantly seek to be first and to achieve success.
Why is its color red? Being a fire element, this color matches it best and often associated with energy, warmth, passion and spontaneity. Its color is often red due to its dynamic and passionate qualities.
Tiger's Eye is considered a stone that can increase vitality and motivation. The stone also increases their courage, their self-confidence as well as to make bold decisions. Tiger's eye is also associated with protective properties. It is considered a stone that can help ward off negative energies.


Born between April 20 and May 19
Earth sign
Green color
Stone: sapphire
In his reliable character, he displays unfailing loyalty, unwavering solidarity, but sometimes fierce possessiveness and jealousy. He is a figure of reliability, perseverance and patience, whose pleasure flourishes in the acquisition of things, experiences and people around him.
Symbol of abundance and wide open spaces, green corresponds perfectly to Taurus. It is also the color of hope and luck.
Aventurine is the birthstone of Taurus. It supports the zodiac sign during big changes. It will also provide him with the relaxation he will need.


Born between May 21 and June 21
Air sign
Grey color
Stone: blue agate or blue colored stone, linked to communication
Geminis are distinguished by their incessant inner struggle between two choices. Often torn between two loves, two decisions to make, etc. This constant duality pushes them towards instability, a need for frequent change and a perpetual desire to explore new horizons.
His enthusiasm for life is contagious, however, he is difficult to follow, as his brilliant and ambitious ideas can lead him in several directions at once. They remain eternally searching for a freedom that allows them to follow their passions of the moment, even if that sometimes means sacrificing stability in favor of constant exploration.

Gray represents the duality of this astrological sign, gray is a neutral color that evokes balance and harmony between opposites.


Born between June 22 and July 22
Water sign
White colour
Stone: moonstone
Cancers are ruled by lunar cycles, which makes them extremely sensitive to their emotional upswing. Cancer people are very close to their emotions, navigating between courage and insecurity. Their seriousness at work and their hardworking nature make them reliable and conscientious in everything they do. They display an infectious joie de vivre when they feel confident, but their shell, although small in appearance, is strong and protective.
White, seen as a color of purity, innocence and freshness, is the perfect color for Cancer. This astrological sign is often described as being gentle, sensitive and imbued with a certain innocence.
Moonstone is the perfect stone for this astrological sign, its soft shine and glow resembles the light of the Moon. It is believed to help balance emotions, promote emotional stability and strengthen intuition.